Christmas Past


Dear Beetle,

It should come as no surprise that I have some similar little angel treasures from my childhood. These are a part of a small collection of German ornaments that I saved from my childhood Christmas tree. My mom bought these when we lived in Frankfurt. Our tree was always full of these sweet little wooden ornaments – angels and St. Nicholas and pipe-smoking Santas and chimney sweeps and little babies in walnut cradles. Over the years, many have gotten lost or broken. Now I just have a handful that I unwrap every year and hang on the highest branches of our tree, away from curious little hands. In a few days, on the Epiphany, we will pack up all our Christmas things and enjoy the blank slate that is January. But for now I hold tight to my cozy memories and hope that I’m creating new ones for my children, ones that will warm their hearts on cold winter days for many years to come.

Happy New Year! Here’s to another beautiful year of friendship and crafting!

With love,