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Boxing and Unboxing


Dear Fern,

We made it to Spokane. Taking the scenic route, we drove just over 3,000 miles. But according to the Google maps, we are only 2,554 miles apart. I miss you! My crafts and supplies are everywhere. There’s a puddle of blank peg dolls on the floor of the room I’ve designated as my studio space. It’s in the basement but it has a nice window and lots of room to spread out. I somehow managed to sew up a lunch bag for the girl before school started, despite not having any real chairs in the house yet. I used this pattern from DesignBlanche on Etsy. It’s nice and big and will hold a water bottle and a hearty lunch inside.

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Remember the day we went to the quilt store in that little town where the fiber festival was and I bought this pink floral print and the blue shot cotton?

I’m thinking about Autumn and all the knitting that needs to get done before it gets cold. I can’t wait to start our Churchmouse poncho knit-along! (But I need to find where I packed away the pattern first.)

Your Sister-In-Craft,


P.S. Thank you for reminding me to write yarn on all of the book boxes that I stuffed yarn into. I think I’ve found it all.

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